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Best Floor Polishing Services in Delhi NCR For apnaprofessional for thorough floor cleaning, floor restoration, polished and buffed floors looking shiny and glossy, just as good as new.

At Apna Profesional, we understand floors, their variety, beauty, and unique characteristics. Our team is extensively trained and experienced in different types of floor polishing like stone polishing, diamond polishing, granite polishing, and rug shampooing. We not only have a strong commitment towards offering world-class cleaning, maintenance, and floor polishing services Delhi but also for educating people about taking proper care of their beautiful flooring.

Important Facts about Floor Polishing: - There are many important misconceptions about floors and as a leading provider of floor polishing services in Delhi NCR,

we are happy to clear them up for you. There is a myth that marble is a hard stone that requires no maintenance. However, scientific analysis says that stone can stain, crack and scratch if subjected to stress. No matter what quality of the stone you use, it still needs proper maintenance depending upon its type, place of use and the frequency of its use.

If you have installed stone (Indian, Italian or Greek) at your personal or commercial space, which is not maintained by professional staff, there are high chances of cracks, acidic spills, scratching, etching and discoloration due to lack of knowledge and awareness. The pristine beauty of stone has to be maintained by special methods of cleaning, maintaining and floor polishing services Delhi NCR which are extensively used by Apna Professional for various residential and commercial clients.

  •  Free inspection for site examination & floor measurements after which the final quote is given.
  •  The floor polishing process starts with floor cleaning and scrubbing to remove all the dirt from the floor.
  •  Appropriate Floor Polishing process is followed depending upon the floor type – marble floor, granite floor, mosaic floor, wooden floor, and others.
  •  Proper Shine and Finish are given to your floors using Floor Polishing Pad and Floor Scrubbing Pad.
  •  In the case of Marble Floor Polishing, the procedure ends with Floor Crystallization to enhance its gloss.
  •  Read our floor polishing to know more about our Floor Polishing and Restoration Services in Delhi NCR.


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